8 Rent warehouses, Belgrade, North area

  • Warehouse, Palilula, Krnjača

    Warehouse, Krnjača

    • 900 m2 + 180 m2
    • 5 office(s)
    Excellent warehouse within business complex. It has two entrances, physical security, offices premises. Cement base, manipulation, isolation.
  • Warehouse, Palilula, Borča

    Warehouse, Borča

    • 1.260 m2 + 300 m2 + 20 ari
    • 6 office(s)
    Excellent new building on main road. Two warehouses of 670 m2 and 588 m2 and well arranged business premises on two levels of 300 m2. Four entrances, ceiling height 5.5-6 m, strong power electricity. Services of forklift.
  • Warehouse, Palilula, Pančevački Put

    Warehouse, Pančevački Put

    • 388 m2
    • 1 office(s)
    Excellent storage space, with large paved plot, positioned next to road. It is 2 km away from main road to Pancevo. It is easy construction building, with cement base and insulation. Ceiling height is 4.5 m, and it has small gallery. Entrance width is 5 m, and there is access for heavy trucks. Main warehouse occupies 328m2, while on the lot there are two more object each occupies 25m...
  • Warehouse, Palilula, Krnjača

    Warehouse, Krnjača

    • 360 m2
    • 0 office(s)
    An excellent, high quality built warehouse-retail space situated on Zrenjanin road, 4 km from Pancevo bridge. The space has spacious parking for 30 vehicles, easily reachable from the main road, and positioned next to large market. The base of the warehouse is 360 m2 but in one part of the warehouse ceiling height is 7.2 m so it is possible to built a gallery and extend the space. Th...
  • Warehouse, Palilula, Krnjača

    Warehouse, Krnjača

    • 1.500 m2 + 5 ari
    • 6 office(s)
    New object near Zrenjaninski highway. Total 1.500 m2 of storage and 150 m2 of office premise in plot of 5 ares. Hydrant system, lightning protection, industrial electricity. Ceiling height from 3.30 m to 4 m. Six entrances. Secured place for putting a commercial on Zrenjaninski highway. Partial renting possible.
  • Warehouse, Palilula, Kotež

    Warehouse, Kotež

    • 320 m2 + 420 m2
    • 1 office(s)
    Warehouse is situated on a large, 4 acres paved lot, about 100 m away fro the road to Zrenjanin. 320 m2 is a standard warehouse with ceilings height of 6m, while 430 m2 is only under roof, with possibility of adaptation according to the needs of tenant. The current electricity strength is of 10kW. There is a manipulation and parking space for few trucks. It is suitable for...
  • Warehouse, Palilula, Krnjača

    Warehouse, Krnjača

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    • 2.000 m2
    • 5 office(s)
    Warehouse placed in an industrial zone between Belgrade and Pancevo. It is situated on a large concrete lot. It occupies 1.500 m2 and has ceiling height of 5 m. Office space occupies additional 500m2 and it is divided into several offices spreading over two levels. There is parking space at disposal.
  • Warehouse, Palilula, Karaburma

    Warehouse, Karaburma

    • 1.500 m2 + 10 ari
    • 4 office(s)
    Two connected warehouses of 1.500 m2 and offices of 100 m2. Warehouse is convenient for goods which don't demand special conditions (on insulation). Four entrances, paved access, parking. Physical security, video surveillance.
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