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128 Rent warehouses, Belgrade

  • Warehouse, Zemun, Batajnica

    Warehouse, Batajnica

    • 570 m2
    • 2 office(s)
    New warehouse on busy location in commercial zone of Batajnica. New, solid building with ceiling height 6 m and epoxy floors. Access for heavy vehicles, two entrance onto plot. Video surveillance. Offices can be arranged on request.
  • Warehouse, Novi Beograd, Kvantaška Pijaca

    Warehouse, Kvantaška Pijaca

    • 2600 m2
    • 6 office(s)
    Warehouse by the highway Belgrade-Zagreb, on excellent location. Registered as a custom storehouse. It spreads over 2.600 m2, warehouse occupies nearly 2000m2, while offices occupie 600m2. It has four entrances 4x5m and ceiling height of 5m. Cement base of 5t capacity. It has truck access 8m width. Convenient for every purpose. Manned security.
  • Warehouse, Zvezdara, Mali Mokri Lug

    Warehouse, Mali Mokri Lug

    • 556 m2 + 300 m2
    • 8 office(s)
    A warehouse on busy location in business surrounding. Easy reach of highway. It is recently built, has parking place and truck access. The warehouse has 4-7 m ceilings height and one office within it. Two levels commercial building near by. On ground level is open space with large window (exhibit area). It has several offices with different surface. Excellent arranged, air-conditioned, has computer net.
  • Warehouse, Zemun, Batajnica

    Warehouse, Batajnica

    • 800 m2 + 120 m2
    • 2 office(s)
    Separate storage space in the immediate vicinity of Batajnica and Novi Sad roads. Performance is excellent: width 24 m, length 33 m, 6 m ceiling height. There are industrial flooring, two doors 4x4.5 m, manipulative space in front of the warehouse, as well as parking for 3-5 cars. It has installed hydrant network, and electricity is 30 kW. The warehouse is with halogen lighting and has two offices as well. Besides this space there is available a small walled warehouse of 120 m2, air conditioned and suitable for the storage of sensitive goods. In the building next to the possibility of renting office space. Excellent warehouse, suitable for different purposes.
  • Warehouse, Palilula, Krnjača

    Warehouse, Krnjača

    • 1.500 m2 + 5 ari
    • 6 office(s)
    New object near Zrenjaninski highway. Total 1.500 m2 of storage and 150 m2 of office premise in plot of 5 ares. Hydrant system, lightning protection, industrial electricity. Ceiling height from 3.30 m to 4 m. Six entrances. Secured place for putting a commercial on Zrenjaninski highway. Partial renting possible.
  • Warehouse, Zemun, Ugrinovci

    Warehouse, Ugrinovci

    • 650 m2 + 350 m2 + 57 ari
    • 10 office(s)
    Warehouse 650 m2 made of bricks, concrete floor. Business premise 350 m2, three levels, ground floor big show room. Every level has toilet. Lot 17 ares fenced, with video surveilance, electricity, water.
  • Warehouse, Surčin, Autokomerc

    Warehouse, Autokomerc

    • 350 m2
    • 3 office(s)
    Excellent warehouse on the large piece of land near the highway. This is independent space that consists of three offices, cloakroom and two washrooms. Ceiling is around six meters high, and due to strong currents connection (250kw) warehouse could be used for production activity as well. Yard around allow access and easy manipulation of large trucks and vans.
  • Warehouse, Stara Pazova, Nova Pazova

    Warehouse, Nova Pazova

    • 1.781 m2 + 566 m2 + 30 ari
    • 25 office(s)
    New warehouse complex in industrial area of Nova Pazova. It is built towards contemporary standards; has large paved lot that provides easy manipulation around whole building. Also, there are security service 24/7, fire protection system, insulation, cement base capacity of 5t. There is a paved truck access 10 m width, three entrances under roof. There is an area of 200 m2 for storing hazardous substances within the warehouse, but with individual ventilation. Also, an office space of 566 m2, equipped toward high standards, with comfort and bright offices, air-conditioned, with LAN. The reception area is of 150 m2, and it is exhibition area as well. It is convenient for storing good as well as for production.
  • Warehouse, Zemun, Zemun Novi Grad

    Warehouse, Zemun Novi Grad

    • 4.800 m2 + 660 m2 + 540 m2
    • 20 office(s)
    Warehouse space of 4.000 m2, divided into four entireties each one of 1.000 m2. Near is office space of 650 m2. There is a possibility of adapting the space as required and for more telephone lines. Renovated, has installations for LAN 100 mb/s, air conditioner, safety door and physical security. Forklift and labor services while loading or unloading goods - for palette merchandise 4,62 E/t, and for non palette 6,16 E/t.
  • Warehouse, Čukarica, Žarkovo

    Warehouse, Žarkovo

    • 400 m2
    • 6 office(s)
    Excellent, new building, convenient for numerous purposes. Three levels. Basement is warehouse. Ground floor is shop and offices are on firs floor.
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