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  • Warehouse, Zemun, Zemun Novi Grad

    Warehouse, Zemun Novi Grad

    • 4.800 m2 + 660 m2 + 540 m2
    • 20 office(s)
    Warehouse space of 4.000 m2, divided into four entireties each one of 1.000 m2. Near is office space of 650 m2. There is a possibility of adapting the space as required and for more telephone lines. Renovated, has installations for LAN 100 mb/s, air conditioner, safety door and physical security. Forklift and labor services while loading or unloading goods - for palette merchandise 4,62 E/t, and for non palette 6,16 E/t.
  • Warehouse, Zemun, Galenika

    Warehouse, Galenika

    • 2.500 m2
    • 0 office(s)
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  • Warehouse, Novi Beograd, Savski Nasip

    Warehouse, Savski Nasip

    • 4.100 m2
    • 0 office(s)
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  • Warehouse, Surčin, Šimanovci

    Warehouse, Šimanovci

    • 3.300 m2 + 0,5 Ha
    • 10 office(s)
    Quality new warehouse, convenient for all kind of activities. It has refrigerated warehouse with 400 palette places. Paved access for heavy vehicles, physical security and insulation
  • Warehouse, Voždovac, Kumodraž

    Warehouse, Kumodraž

    • 1.620 m2 + 7 ari
    • 2 office(s)
    Excellent location in industrial zone, easy access. Newer building with large ceiling height. Pallet warehous and cooling rooms up to +1 temperature degree. Small office space is equipped. There is 80 m2 large airconditioned front space. Two entrances, both electronic and physical security.
  • Warehouse, Voždovac, Voždovac

    Warehouse, Voždovac

    • 4.500 m2
    • 0 office(s)
    Excellent warehouse in commercial area of Vozdovac, near highway to Nis. Warehouse is in excellent condition, ceiling height is from 6-10 m. Six entrances, concrete floor, insulation, paved access. Office premises on three levels, 1.200 m2 with secured phone lines and parking space. Physical security, possibility for using a forklift.
  • Warehouse, Surčin, Dobanovci

    Warehouse, Dobanovci

    • 1.360 m2 + 100 ari
    • 0 office(s)
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  • Warehouse, Surčin, Šimanovci

    Warehouse, Šimanovci

    • 3.300 m2
    • 0 office(s)
    An excellent warehouse within distribution complex by the high way. It was built according to high construction standards. It has 10-12 m ceilings' height, four entrances, manipulation space, racks. Paved truck access 5 m width. Small office space of two rooms.
  • Warehouse, Surčin, Šimanovci

    Warehouse, Šimanovci

    • 4.000 m2 + 110 ari
    • 10 office(s)
    An excellent warehouse on a large lot 5 km away for highway. It is built of panels, has ceilings height from 10 m, 2 truck and 4 walk entrances. It has epoxide floor. An office space of 350 sq.m has 10 offices. Lot is partly paved and has parking for few dozens of vehicles.
  • Warehouse, Grocka, Leštane

    Warehouse, Leštane

    • 2.500 m2 + 220 m2
    • 20 office(s)
    Within this complex are warehouse and cooling chamber. One entirety on one level with ceilings height of 5,8 m. Industrial electricity, water, sewerage system, ramp. Office space 250 - 500 m2, large parking lot, two entrances. Surface of the warehouse is 1.000 sq m and it is registered as customs storage. Two cooling chambers; one with ''+ 4C'' regime with 500 pallet positions and other one with '' - 20 C'' regime and 350-800 pallet positions. 6 km from high way.
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