100 Rent warehouses, Belgrade

  • Warehouse, Surčin, Šimanovci

    Warehouse, Šimanovci

    • 750 + 300 m2
    • 7 office(s)
    Warehouse located in an industrial zone, on the main road that stretches from New Belgrade to Surčin (Ledine) after the road turning toward Simanovci. Warehouse space covers 750 m2 and has a height of 6m. In one part of the warehouse, ceiling height is 4m and offices are placed in a galery above. In addition to the warehouse in the first part of the building, there is a office space ...
  • Warehouse, Zemun, Altina

    Warehouse, Altina

    • 910 m2
    • 0 office(s)
    An excellent, self standing warehouse highly convenient for goods manipulation and parking large number of vehicles in front of it. Warehouse is situated 1 km from Novi sad highway, 6 km from Šid highway, and over the Borča bridge one can easy reach Pančevo, Zrenjanin, Vršac and towards to Romania. Tow trucks and delivery trucks can easily approach the warehouse entrances. The storage space occ...
  • Warehouse, Palilula, Karaburma

    Warehouse, Karaburma

    • 550 m2
    • 5 office(s)
    The warehouse is located within a large business complex in a busy street at Karaburma. Industrial zone, with great transport links with the city. The warehouse is of recent construction, ceiling heights up to 6 m. It has a surface 4t capacity and room for manipulation. Also, the entrance is of dimension 14.3 x 4.5 m with paved driveway 8 m width. There is office space of 100 m2 with...
  • Warehouse, Novi Beograd, Kvantaška Pijaca

    Warehouse, Kvantaška Pijaca

    • 500 m2
    • 3 office(s)
    Warehouse with offices is situated close to Belgrade - Zagreb highway on excellent location. Warehouse occupies 500 m, while business part consists of three offices, two bathrooms with showers and kitchen with dining area. The ceiling height is 5 m, while the entrance is 4x5 m. The the floors are paved with endurance capacity of 5t. Warehouse is well insulated, has aluminum carpentry, and secur...
  • Warehouse, Palilula, Krnjača

    Warehouse, Krnjača

    • 360 m2
    • 0 office(s)
    An excellent, high quality built warehouse-retail space situated on Zrenjanin road, 4 km from Pancevo bridge. The space has spacious parking for 30 vehicles, easily reachable from the main road, and positioned next to large market. The base of the warehouse is 360 m2 but in one part of the warehouse ceiling height is 7.2 m so it is possible to built a gallery and extend the space. Th...
  • Warehouse, Zemun, Batajnica

    Warehouse, Batajnica

    • 2.200 m2
    • 3 office(s)
    Excellent warehouse complex placed on a 10-acre lot, which is very suitable for loading and unloading goods, and has the capacity to park a large number of vehicles. The location of the building is 1 km from the highway to Novi Sad and 5 km from the highway to Sid. Direct access from the road to Batajnica provides a good access for tow trucks and delivery vehicles. Complex consists of several u...
  • Warehouse, Novi Beograd, Bežanijska Kosa - Zmaj

    Warehouse, Bežanijska Kosa - Zmaj

    • 400 m2 + 100 m2
    • 2 office(s)
    This warehouse is situated close to highway, in immediate vicinity of few mega markets. It is recently built, and consists out of two parts. Solid construction, has paved lot and manipulation area. Strop height is 3-3.7 m, and electricity power 30 kW. It featured office space of 50 m2 with two offices.
  • Warehouse, Stara Pazova, Nova Pazova

    Warehouse, Nova Pazova

    • 2.350 m2
    • 0 office(s)
    Excellent business-warehouse facility, in the industrial zone of block 25 in the settlement of Nova Pazova, located near the main road Novi Sad-Belgrade. It consists of two parts, one is a warehouse which occupies around 1.900 m2, while the other is 435 m2 business premises. Ceiling height of the warehouse is around 6m. Ground floor of business premises consists of 150 m
  • Warehouse, Zemun, Galenika

    Warehouse, Galenika

    • 750 m2 + 400 m2
    • 5 office(s)
    Commercial complex on busy location, with good traffic connection with the city center. Commercial surrounding. Recently built building, has direct access form the street. Modern and bright office space spreads on three levels. Warehouse with 5 m height of ceilings. It has truck access, 10 vehicles parking space, partly paved lot.
  • Warehouse, Grocka, Leštane

    Warehouse, Leštane

    • 2.500 m2 + 220 m2
    • 20 office(s)
    Within this complex are warehouse and cooling chamber. One entirety on one level with ceilings height of 5,8 m. Industrial electricity, water, sewerage system, ramp. Office space 250 - 500 m2, large parking lot, two entrances. Surface of the warehouse is 1.000 sq m and it is registered as customs storage. Two cooling chambers; one with ''+ 4C'' regime with 500 pallet positions and o...
  • Warehouse, Surčin, Šimanovci - Industrijska Zona

    Warehouse, Šimanovci - Industrijska Zona

    • 3.000 m2 + 695 m2 + 300 m2
    • 6 office(s)
    Just 1.3 km from the highway and 35 km from the center of Belgrade, in the industrial zone of Simanovci, there is a warehouse and distribution center. It includes storage facility of 3.000 m2, office space of 300 m2 and 695 m2 of space under the eaves. Storage space was built from the panels; has industrial floor, ceilings height up to 10 m, indented hydrant net...
  • Warehouse, Zvezdara, Mali Mokri Lug

    Warehouse, Mali Mokri Lug

    • 556 m2 + 300 m2
    • 8 office(s)
    A warehouse on busy location in business surrounding. Easy reach of highway. It is recently built, has parking place and truck access. The warehouse has 4-7 m ceilings height and one office within it. Two levels commercial building near by. On ground level is open space with large window (exhibit area). It has several offices with different surface. Excellent arranged, air-conditioned, has comp...
  • Warehouse, Voždovac, Veliki Mokri Lug

    Warehouse, Veliki Mokri Lug

    • 700 m2 + 1.400 m2
    • 0 office(s)
    Complex is located in Veliki mokri lug, 4 km from Niš highway on the half an hectare piece of land. It consists of two objects, spreading over three levels, occupying 2,100 m2. Large warehouse is divided in three sections, two parts of 700 m2, one part of 500 m2 and one part of 200 m2, from which 1,400 m2 divided into two equal parts on two...
  • Warehouse, Rakovica, Rakovica

    Warehouse, Rakovica

    • 1.500 m2
    • 1 office(s)
    Excellent industrial warehouse (1.500 m2) near the railway station, located in Rakovica in the industrial zone. It's very easy and quick to reach the traffic bypass. The warehouse is made of sandwich panels, it has 3 large entrances (two inputs with dimensions 4x4 and one 6x5). The floor is made of high quality concrete, while the ceiling height is 5 to 7 meters. There is a big land ...
  • Warehouse, Stara Pazova, Nova Pazova

    Warehouse, Nova Pazova

    • 1.781 m2 + 566 m2 + 30 ari
    • 25 office(s)
    New warehouse complex in industrial area of Nova Pazova. It is built towards contemporary standards; has large paved lot that provides easy manipulation around whole building. Also, there are security service 24/7, fire protection system, insulation, cement base capacity of 5t. There is a paved truck access 10 m width, three entrances under roof. There is an area of 200 m2 for storin...
  • Warehouse, Čukarica, Obrenovački Put

    Warehouse, Obrenovački Put

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    • 500 m2
    • 0 office(s)
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  • Warehouse, Čukarica, Makiš

    Warehouse, Makiš

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    • 9.999 m2
    • 2 office(s)
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  • Warehouse, Surčin, Surčin

    Warehouse, Surčin

    • 1.500 m2 + 300 m2 + 20 ari
    • 5 office(s)
    A new solid construction warehouse on busy location in commercial surrounding. It has ceilings height of 6 m, two entrances 6x5 m, gravel filled up truck access 10 m width. It owns lot of 2.000 m2, partly paved, and parking for about 10 vehicles. The office space spreads on three levels, has a lot of open space, few restrooms. Convenient for every purpose.
  • Warehouse, Zemun, Galenika

    Warehouse, Galenika

    • 800 m2 + 800 m2
    • 2 office(s)
    Detached commercial building in business surroundings. Large lot with manipulation space and ramp. On ground level there is spacious reception area, two offices, bathroom and staircase. Upper level consists out of anteroom, four comfortable offices, large open space, main manager office with bathroom and kitchen with dining area. Within the building there is also a warehouse with individual en...
  • Warehouse, Stara Pazova, Nova Pazova

    Warehouse, Nova Pazova

    • 2.300 m2 + 350 m2 + 50 ari
    • 10 office(s)
    Excellent warehouse in industrial area of Nova Pazova. Arranged with first class materials, convenient for all type of goods. Physical security, insulation. Luxuriously arranged business premises.
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