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  • Retail space, Voždovac, Voždovac

    Retail space, Voždovac

    • 233 m2
    • 7 office(s)
    • city central
    • unfurnished
    A relatively new building on busy location of Vozdovac area. In close vicinity there are stations of public transportation, faculty and numerous shops with variety of goods to sell. Entrance to the shop is directly from the street, where is placed large window surface convenient for advertisement. Eight stairs leads to ground floor and high ground floor which together with first floor make the structure of the space. First floor is divided into open space and part with several offices. Most of the walls in the space are made of plaster, so they could be easily removed. Toilets and kitchen are placed on the last level. Convenient for retail, office or service activities.
  • Retail space, Savski Venac, Slavija

    Retail space, Slavija

    • 150 m2
    • 3 office(s)
    • city central
    • unfurnished
    Excellent shop, located in near vicinity of Slavija Square.
  • Retail space, Stari Grad, Knez Mihailova

    Retail space, Knez Mihailova

    • 80 m2
    • 3 office(s)
    • independent
    • unfurnished
    Shop located in the very center of the city, in an older building within the expanded pedestrian zone of Knez Mihailova Street. Residential and commercial zone of the city, with a lot of historical and cultural monuments in the immediate vicinity. The store has a smaller shop window facing toward the street. It consists of three parts, and exits to the small yard at the back. It has ceiling height of about 5 m. The store is suitable for retail business.
  • Retail space, Novi Beograd, Novi Merkator

    Retail space, Novi Merkator

    • 180 m2
    • 1 office(s)
    • city central
    • unfurnished
    Excellent commercial space placed on the ground floor of an office building in the business zone of New Belgrade. The building is well maintained, with 24h security and maintenance service. Immediate vicinity of a turntable, a Municipality building and public parking. The space has a very high ceiling and three walls entirely made of glass, while the structure gives the opportunity for several entrances and a terrace/garden. Suitable for catering.
  • Retail space, Vračar, Hram Svetog Save

    Retail space, Hram Svetog Save

    • 325 m2
    • 2 office(s)
    • city central
    • unfurnished
    Excellent business premises situated in a new building and quiet street close to St. Sava Temple in Vracar area. This location is in near vicinity of highway inclsion, which provides easy access to all parts of the city. The building is built with quality materials, it has beautiful facade and a garage in it's underground level. The premises spread over three levels. Ground floor has an open space layout, currently equipped with a bar and separate kitchen (which could be removed). Restrooms are placed in the basement level, with two cabins for ladies and two for gentlemen, as well as pantries. Upper level/ gallery consists of two semi levels, also organized as open space, with one office which could be added to the open space. The lighting is excellent, floors as well. Terrace/ yard that occupies 120m2 is at disposal on the ground floor. Space is suitable for division and for variety of business activities.
  • Retail space, Vračar, Kalenić Pijaca

    Retail space, Kalenić Pijaca

    • 166 m2
    • 6 office(s)
    • city central
    • unfurnished
    An excellent shop in Vračar, near Makenzijeva Street and Gradic Pejton. A busy city area with a variety of shops in the surrounding area. The store spreads over two levels. Ground floor level has open space layout and a display window oriented toward the street. On the upper level there are several separate rooms, the largest of which occupies about 45 m2. There is one bathroom and one toilet at disposal. Two pedicure tubs are installed on the upper level, which can be removed. Shop has air-conditioning and attractive lighting. It is suitable for cosmetic salons and service activities.
  • Retail space, Savski Venac, Klinički Centar

    Retail space, Klinički Centar

    • 157 m2
    • 3 office(s)
    • city central
    • unfurnished
    Consists of two levels. Ground floor is divided into two parts with toilet. Height of ceiling in basement is 2,80 m and it consists of two small offices, toilet and pantry. It has big store window and it is very bright.
  • Retail space, Vračar, Krunska

    Retail space, Krunska

    • 360 m2
    • 2 office(s)
    • city central
    • unfurnished
    Retail space placed on ground floor level of an office building, located in a busy street within commercial surrounding. Building is well maintained and has video surveillance. Space has two side orientation, functional room arrangement and two entrances. Interior is bright and modern. Upper level is open space layout, it is abundant with daylight and has excellent lighting. Ceiling height goes up to 5 meters. Two restrooms are at disposal (for men and women), area for kitchenette, as well as a 10m long window. Lower level occupies a smaller area consisting of two units with safes. Space is secured with alarm system, it has internet connection and air-conditioning. There is one garage space available for the lessee. Suitable for banks, foreign branches, or business activities demanding a secured area.
  • Retail space, Stari Grad, Skupština

    Retail space, Skupština

    • 160 m2
    • 2 office(s)
    • city central
    • unfurnished
    Shop situated in the ground floor of an office building on an excellent location, in near vicinity of Terazije tunnel and the National assembly. Within a few minute walking distance there is a public garage, while this neighborhood has zoned parking charge. Shop consists of ground floor area, which occupies 70m2 and has a large display window. It is connected with upper floor, which occupies 90m2, with a staircase. Space is in excellent condition and has glass partitions on top floor, which could be removed. Both levels have open space layouts, with toilet placed on the upper level. Additional equipment includes an alarm system, internet connection and video surveillance.
  • Retail space, Stari Grad, Trg Republike

    Retail space, Trg Republike

    • 40 m2
    • 0 office(s)
    • city central
    • furnished
    This shop is housed within a businness-commercial building in downtown. Busy location with high frequency of pedestrians and traffic throughout the day. It is facing the street and has a store window. Consisit out of one unit with a restroom. Is modern, with quality lighting, excellent ceramics and glass shelves combined-MDF. Air-conditioned, has a telephone line, internet connection. Suitable for a large number of activities.
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