Office space for rent, ZEMUN, ZEMUN

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A detached office building, that offers space for rent, from I floor to IV-secluded floor. The net ceiling height of the offices is 3.5 meters. The entrance to the business part of the building is on the south side and is accessed from the side towards the main street. The surface area of the first floor is 363 m2, and the other floors are the same - 352 m2. Business premises on the floors are designed as a shell and core with a defined toilet block, while the eventual division within the space is analyzed through the interior projects of the lessee. Architectural project envisages a double floor in the office space, 15 cm raised in relation to the reinforced concrete slab of the mezzanine structure, so that the net height of the space in the offices would be approx. 3.00-3.20 cm. Level of the floor in the toilets and the communication core is leveled by placing a 13 cm thick cement screed with granite ceramics as the floor finish. Vertical communication in the building is achieved by a three-legged staircase placed around the core of the elevator with a load capacity of 630 kg. Each floor has an independent air conditioning system. The net price of renting a parking space is EUR 80 per month. The whole building is available, you can select minimum one floor.


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