18 Rent warehouses, Belgrade, South area

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  • Warehouse, Voždovac, Kumodraž

    Warehouse, Kumodraž

    • 1.620 m2 + 7 ari
    • 2 office(s)
    Excellent location in industrial zone, easy access. Newer building with large ceiling height. Pallet warehous and cooling rooms up to +1 temperature degree. Small office space is equipped. There is 80 m2 large airconditioned front space. Two entrances, both electronic and physical security.
  • Warehouse, Čukarica, Julino Brdo

    Warehouse, Julino Brdo

    • 1.830 m2 + 360 m2 + 7 ari
    • 14 office(s)
    Industrial surrounding, busy street close to river. Large complex. Warehouse has 1.830 m2 and it is on first level, has cargo elevator of 3.5 t capacity. Offices are in separate building, two levels with 180 m2 each. Access for heavy vehicles.
  • Warehouse, Voždovac, Veliki Mokri Lug

    Warehouse, Veliki Mokri Lug

    • 700 m2 + 1.400 m2
    • 0 office(s)
    Complex is located in Veliki mokri lug, 4 km from Niš highway on the half an hectare piece of land. It consists of two objects, spreading over three levels, occupying 2,100 m2. Large warehouse is divided in three sections, two parts of 700 m2, one part of 500 m2 and one part of 200 m2, from which 1,400 m2 divided into two equal parts on two levels for show room and sales area. Height of the ceiling varies between 4 and 5 m. Space around this complex is entirely paved, so large tow trucks can easily approach every level. In the front of the building there are parking spaces for ten vehicles. Suitable for different business activities, production or as storage place.
  • Warehouse, Čukarica, Žarkovo

    Warehouse, Žarkovo

    • 2.000 m2
    • 10 office(s)
  • Warehouse, Rakovica, Rakovica

    Warehouse, Rakovica

    • 1900 m2
    • 7 office(s)
    Warehouse placed in Rakovica, in near vicinity of IMR factory, on the main road. Space occupies 1.900 square feet in total and comprises of two levels. Ground floor level occupies around 1.100 m2, 850 m2 consisting of storage or manufacturing space, while the office space occupies around 200 m2. Upper floor occupies 860 m2, out of which around 300m2 comprises of offices, while the rest is storage area. The space itself gives a lot of opportunities for different business activities because of it's structure and electricity power (300 kw) as wel as ceiling hight between 3,5 and 5 m. There is also a 13 acre plot at disposal, with easy access for trucks and tow trucks.
  • Warehouse, Čukarica, Železnik

    Warehouse, Železnik

    • 1.700 m2
    • 6 office(s)
    Warehouse is situated in Zeleznik 200m distance from main road that leads to Sremcica and 4 km from Obrenovacki put. Line 511 and 521 public transportation passes nearby. This area is very good connected with the bypass that is suitable for heavy trucks arriving from all directions to Belgrade. Warehouse is an individual object, the plot around it is paved and fenced. Around the warehouse is ramp for unloading directly from trucks. Way towards the warehouse is huge and allows simultaneous access to several trucks and tows. Partition of the space could be done and every part could have the entrance of its own. Height of the warehouse is 6m, the floor is paved, and it has the hydrant network, fire alarm system, security alarm, video surveillance with more than thirty cameras and security service 24/7. Office space within the warehouse is also available for rent with one or more offices with size that vary from 16 m2-200 m2. Business space is completely equipped with technical elements (phone, internet, net, air conditioning). Within the warehouse is and customs warehouse as well, so there is possibility of warehousing and customs clearance at the same place. Suitable space for storage the goods and production as well.
  • Warehouse, Čukarica, Železnik

    Warehouse, Železnik

    • 800 m2 + 600 m2
    • 4 office(s)
    Good premises in industrial part of Zeleznik. Warehouse (800 m2) has two parts. Solid construction with concrete floor, paved access for trucks, ceiling height is 3.5-4 m. Office space is on two levels with four separated rooms, four rest rooms and kitchenette and one large without partition. Warehouse is suitable for storage and production.
  • Warehouse, Voždovac, Jajinci

    Warehouse, Jajinci

    • 850 m2
    • 1 office(s)
    Property in a warehouse complex in the commercial zone, excellently connected with the highway which is in only 3 km distance. The space includes two levels, basement level and ground floor. Each level consists of warehouse space with a ceiling 3.3 m height, one office and water supply connection. Space has large plot in front of the building that occupies about 150m2 suitable for trucks, and it has video surveillance as well. Suitable for different purposes, both as storage or production activities.
  • Warehouse, Čukarica, Žarkovo

    Warehouse, Žarkovo

    • 400 m2
    • 6 office(s)
    Excellent, new building, convenient for numerous purposes. Three levels. Basement is warehouse. Ground floor is shop and offices are on firs floor.
  • Warehouse, Rakovica, Rakovica-Industrijska Zona

    Warehouse, Rakovica-Industrijska Zona

    • 360 m2 + 120 m2
    • 3 office(s)
    Very good warehouse and office space are placed in Rakovica, in industrial zone close to "Record" ex-factory area. Warehouse occupies two levels which are mutually connected with cargo elevator that has around 1000 kg load capacity. The height is around 4 m, while floors inside and part around the storage are paved so entrance is easy and clean. On the upper level there are two offices, and one large open space that occupies 120 m2 which could be used as showroom or divided into several offices. Small kitchen and toilet are at disposal as well. The legal entity is the owner.
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