15 Rent warehouses, Belgrade, Center area

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  • Warehouse, Čukarica, Makiš

    Warehouse, Makiš

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    • 9.999 m2
    • 2 office(s)
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  • Warehouse, Čukarica, Obrenovački Put

    Warehouse, Obrenovački Put

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    • 500 m2
    • 0 office(s)
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  • Warehouse, Voždovac, Dušanovac

    Warehouse, Dušanovac

    • 45 m2
    • 0 office(s)
    Warehouse in small building within large business block close to motor way. Option to rent gallery arae and offices. Truck access.
  • Warehouse, Vračar, Kalenić

    Warehouse, Kalenić

    • 275 m2
    • 1 office(s)
    A storage space in quiet Vracar street in older building. One entrance is provided through cargo elevator directly from the street while the other entrance is through garage space from the neighbour building. Ceiling height is 3.3m. Space is equipped with toilet and ventilation.
  • Warehouse, Savski Venac, Senjak

    Warehouse, Senjak

    • 160 m2
    • 3 office(s)
    An office building on busy location in commercial surrounding. The building is older, with commercial surrounding. The premise is situated on the 2nd floor; it is open space with two entrances.
  • Warehouse, Voždovac, Medaković

    Warehouse, Medaković

    • 400 m2 + ter
    • 8 office(s)
    Courtyard 150 m2 with lighting can be used as warehouse. Offices 200 m2 on two floors, with office furniture, computers, fax, 2 phone lines with 8 locals. Auto-mechanic working shop 180 m2. It has entrance from the street and one for the truck from the back. Heating is electric-floor, radiators, marble plates. It can be rented as the whole, or a part of it.
  • Warehouse, Čukarica, Rušanj

    Warehouse, Rušanj

    • 600 m2
    • 0 office(s)
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  • Warehouse, Savski Venac, Autokomanda

    Warehouse, Autokomanda

    • 150 m2
    • 3 office(s)
    Storage space placed in ground floor of an office building on a busy location. Excellent traffic connection to Vozdovac, Dedinje and New Belgrade. Highway entrance can be reached within a few minute driving distance. Multiple tram and bus lines connect this location with different parts of the city. Storage can be entered through the main entrance, while there is also a back entrance allowing access to smaller delivery vehicles. It consists of a few units, biggest occupying 53 m2 and has racks. Ceiling height is 3m, while floors are covered in ceramic tiles. There is one restroom at disposal. Suitable for different purposes.
  • Warehouse, Stari Grad, Centar

    Warehouse, Centar

    • 250 m2 + 250 m2
    • 1 office(s)
    Warehouse located in a quiet street in Dorcol area near the river, placed on a plot with an office building. Access for smaller delivery vehicles. Older, solid building, with ceiling height of 5m. It consists of two open space wholes, without supporting pillars. Windows are placed on two sides, while two toilets are at disposal. One part has large roller doors. Suitable for different purposes, such as storing sensitive goods or manufacturing. There is a possibility of renting additional 100 m2 of storage space, as well as several offices. Two garages are available.
  • Warehouse, Savski Venac, Centar

    Warehouse, Centar

    • 440 m2
    • 1 office(s)
    Center of city, busy location. Easy access to a highway. Ground floor of an apartment building, direct access. Open space with restroom and one office. Renovated, convenient for differen purposes.
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