Rent, Shop, Belgrade, NEW BELGRADE, MERKATOR, 350 m², €7000 per month - ID#36941

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  • City

  • Municipality

    New belgrade
  • Location

  • Property type

  • Size (m2)

    350 m²
  • Rent price

    €7000 per month
  • Type of buiding

  • Condition

  • Rooms

  • Largest room (m2)

    0 m2
  • Floor

    ground floor
  • Heating

    city central
  • A/C

  • Bathrooms / Toalets

    0 / 1
  • Phones

  • CaTV / Internet

    No / Yes
  • Garage / Parking

    no / no
  • Status


Property description

Shop placed in an office building, in vicinity of numerous lines of public transportation. It is located in close surroundings of New Belgrade municipality and has easy access to the highway. The building itself is indrawn in comparison to the street and has a nicely arranged green surface in front of it. Ground floor level, where the shop is situated, is on a few steps higher level than the street level. Stairs lead to an open terrace which surrounds the building. Shop has a direct access from the street and a large window surface, throughout it's length and height. It consists of an open space, with a few carrying poles, which do not disturb the functionality of space. Shop is two side oriented and has window on both sides, making it abundant with light. High ceilings (4m), contribute to the spaciousness. There is a posibility of adaptation, according to the need, or business activity.

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